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As of midnight, February 19th, Guangdong had reported 1 new case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dongguan, pushing the total number of infected patients to 1332. No new cases were confirmed in other cities.


In the fight against COVID-19, disinfectant and nucleic acid test kits are vital to early detection and maintaining hygienic conditions under quarantine. How have the enterprises manufacturing epidemic prevention supplies resumed operations and sustained production?



  • Harmony and stability are in HK people’s best interests

    Social harmony and stability have been crucial to sustaining social development and economic vitality in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and is also within the fundamental interests of HKSAR.

  • Foreign firms "fleeing China" prove a false picture

    For those that constantly paint a picture of foreign firms pulling out of China, it is time to face an inconvenient truth. China was the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of 2018, according to the UNCTAD.

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A total of half a million units of Chloroquine Phosphate, a drug effective for symptom management of COVID-19, have rolled off the production line in Guangzhou. Another 500,000 tablets are now being produced.



Latest figures for COVID-19 cases in Guangdong (24:00, February 20th)

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Xi said he is pleased to see those students write and learn Chinese so well, and hopes that they will continue to work hard, make greater progress and become young ambassadors for the friendship between the two peoples.



U.S. researchers mapped the first 3D atomic-scale structure of a key 2019 novel coronavirus protein, making a breakthrough toward developing vaccines, therapeutic antibodies and diagnostics


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