Since established in 2009, the Singapore-Guangdong Collaboration Council has tightened partnership between two places in various business sectors in the past decade. As cooperative projects increasing, what is it like for Singaporeans to work and live in Guangdong?

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香港码报网站: The fifth biggest investment partner of Guangdong

2018 contracted direct investment: RMB 5,731,140,000


The biggest trade partner of Singapore in China

2018 import-export volume: US$ 18,660,854,463

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Smart Technlogies

Jonathan Tey
Head of HR and administration dept
6 years in Guangdong

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A world-class, international industrial new city has just begun to take shape".Today's SSGKC is not only full of Lingnan architecture, but also features many Singaporean elements such as the 'Rain Corridor' and the mini 'Solar Super Tree”

The SSGKC from the basic food, clothing, travel, to innovation development platforms, has spared no effort to create an environment suitably matched to the high-end industry and talent it seeks to attract。

Guangdong's innovative spirit and strong economic base are very attractive. Of course, it also has its own local culture, which makes many high-end talent feel better integrated.”

In China there are opportunities and challenges everywhere, especially evident in the booming development of new and high-tech industries. It is this which has attracted and will continue to attract many foreigners, including Singaporeans, to China to start up innovative businesses.

In the near future, the SSGKC will be known as a "World Knowledge City", a prototype for a modern and new type of city that is set up perfectly for life and work.


Cultural Exchanges

Tanny Kong
Student in TCM major
4 years in Guangdong

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I hope to be able to learn Chinese medicine in Guangdong and master the knowledge and skills required to return to Singapore to open a Chinese medicine clinic and promote TCM culture around the world”

After four years studying in China, Tanny Kong, 22, from Singapore, a fourth-year student of Chinese medicine at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, is now a health consultant for her family and friends. She herself administers acupuncture to her father to help relieve the pain of his arthritic shoulder. Her friends often ask her for advice on how to keep healthy.

Having come to Guangdong, Tanny Kong expresses that something else she has benefited from is gaining an understanding of the characteristics of Lingnan culture, including a diet based approach and herbal tea.

After graduating from the five-year undergraduate program, I plan to continue to study postgraduate studies at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. In the future, I will return to Singapore to open a Chinese Medicine clinic to help more needy people through my professional knowledge of TCM and Guangdong’s dietetic culture.”


Cantonese Cuisine

Joyce Lee
Cantonese cuisine spreader
19 years in Guangdong

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Freshness is the premise of healthy diet, walking the wet markets. You can really differentiate the taste of Qingyuan Chicken, Zhanjiang Chicken, and Pineapple Chicken, a chicken breed that only eats pineapple as it is reared, and the flavour is delicious!”

As a Singaporean, Li has lived in Guangzhou for nearly 20 years and has become extremely familiar with the local cuisine; she knows which meat market is best, which restaurant has the most delicious black bean chicken, even if is tucked away in a seemingly hidden alleyway, Joyce can lead you right to the best of local cuisine.

According to Li, Singaporeans and Cantonese have a lot in common when it comes to eating. For example, the much-sought-after Hainanese Chicken Rice, a Singaporean national dish, borrowed a lot from a Cantonese favourite ‘White Cut Chicken’.

In Singapore, Cantonese make up about 15 percent of the Chinese population, but Cantonese cuisine is more popular in Singapore than the numbers would suggest.

In the future, the relationship between Singapore and Guangdong in the catering industry will become closer and closer." Li believes that her story is just a microcosm, she hopes to push more to go in the same direction, let them export the focus on high-quality ingredients from Guangdong and bring back technology.”


Ancestral Halls

Wilson Koh
Singaporean Cantonese
Back to Guangdong every year

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In March this year, the Kohfamily returned to their hometown in Chaozhou, flying from Singapore to China, the oldest member of the family already in his 80’s.

More than 20 years ago, when Wilson Koh first stood in front of his family ancestral hall, he was first drawn to the beautiful and historic architecture. But as time went on, he came to realize that the hall also housed an intangible heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Seven years ago, Koh family in Singapore contributed a great deal of money to support the renovation of their ancestral shrines back home. The Koh Ancestral Hall was also renovated in Singapore. During the renovation project, the family placed emphasis on preserving the family’s historic teachings, and set out the family’s rules and precepts in a prominent position in the hall, preserving the historic teachings for future generations.

Honesty has always been our family’s byword" Koh said, adding that it has remained the family’s first rule in their personal and business lives. The principles of family discipline, an emphasis on filial piety, uniting family members, conducting oneself virtuously, have all had a subtle influence on the Koh family across the generations. ”


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